Wandering In The Mojave Desert = El Paso Mountain Trip

In 1934, Walt Bickel wandered up Last Chance Canyon in the El Paso Mountains and found gold. It was placer flakes and dust and for Bickel, just a weekend hobby. A diversion from his workaday world in Los Angeles, 150 or so miles south. He joined the Army in 1942 and left the service in […]

It’s Been a Long, Long Time…

…since I’ve posted here. I wonder if I still know how?

Africa — On Safari — Take a Break at Victoria Falls

Many of you might remember the famous line: “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” According to the 1939 movie, “Stanley and Livingstone,” Sir Henry Stanley uttered those words when he met Dr. David Livingstone in Africa. Historians credit officially Livingstone as the first white man to “discover” Victoria Falls while he explored Africa as a missionary for […]

Africa — On Safari — Second Stop, Shinde Lodge, Okavango Delta

After leaving the Kalahari Desert we headed north for the Shinde Camp in the Okavango Delta. The runway there was our first experience at a “bush” airstrip. Just a bit over 1,200 meters long and 18 wide, the runway surface was soil calcrete. Peter, our escort, said it can be very slippery when wet. Fortunately […]

AFRICA — On Safari – First stop, Haina Lodge, Kalahari Desert

In this chapter of my blog and perhaps in future posts I’ll credit photos to others, probably mostly to TJ Shembekar one of my fellow adventurers. My Canon 60D camera is unwieldy in a cramped cockpit so I relied on a smaller pocket camera, a Canon 750, for that. Now, if I ever find my […]

AFRICA — Self-Fly Scheme

I think a few words about the “Self-Fly” safari are in order before chronicling the adventures we experienced. Note that I am NOT connected with the tour company in any way other than as a customer. Nor did I receive any discount on prices. I’m saying this up front because with only a few very […]

AFRICA — On Safari Pilot’s Portrait

From the left: Suzanne, TJ, Bruce, Jennifer, Paul, (tall)Paul, and me having a morning coffee break on one safari. June 6, 2013 – – Along with six other pilots (above) I set out on an 11 day photo safari beginning at Lanseria International Airport. We will eventually travel through South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and […]


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