Flightseeing to the Arizona Meteor Crater

For almost a week Maurice H. and I watched a cut-off low pressure weather mass that was wandering around in the Pacific down by the border with Mexico in preparing for a cross-country flight into Arizona. This sort of weather phenomena brings lousy weather with it. When it seemed like the weather was headed south […]

Anacapa Island and a “Giant Kelpfish”

My dive buddy, Phil Wilson, snapped this picture of a “Giant Kelpfish” I spotted on September 19, 2015, while we were diving off Anacapa Island. The fish was shy and we saw it for less than a minute, if that long. Time for only the one picture. I’m guessing this one measured about twelve inches, […]

Anacapa Island SCUBA dive

My first SCUBA dive experiences in the waters off Southern California were, for me anyway, not much fun. I went for my very first two certification dives at the SCUBA park on Catalina Island. Had it not been for equipment malfunctions I might have done my next two there to finish up the cert. I won’t go […]

Noble Model 60G, 12Ga., Bolt Assembly

Noble Model 60G, 12Ga., Pump Shotgun Bolt Installation By Casey Wilson More than just a couple decades ago, I picked up a Noble Model 60G for the purpose of giving my kids (2 boys, 2 girls) an opportunity to learn gun safety and maybe have a little fun along the way. It’s not a classic, […]

Sometimes Good Ideas are Not

Florence and I used to make up a batch of chicken pot pies in individual servings and freeze them for later convenience. She fabricated the crusts and I made up the fillings. Recently, I decided that I really needed to put up a batch of pot pies to help me maintain my efforts in sloughing […]

2015 Independence Day Fireworks

Fireworks happen in the blink of an eye. During that blink the brain registers a brilliant flash of color that is almost instantly washed away by the next event.  The photos, taken with a Canon DSLR 60D captured the detail, the beauty that was too quick for the eye/brain to appreciate. I hope you enjoy these […]

Ring-Ring Almost Cancelled My Copper Wire Telephone Service

Because I’ve more or less quit using my landline phone and gone more or less exclusively to my cellular gizmo, I decided to abandon the copper connection to the world and have my ‘hanging on the wall’ instrument disconnected. No easy decision that. The number in the telephone directory hasn’t changed in 45 years although […]


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