June 22

Thorny Subject

According to Britannica.com [https://www.britannica.com/plant/acacia] “…about 160 species of trees and shrubs…” make up the acacia family. Peter, one of Tembo Adventures professional guides, told me sixty different species can be found in Tanzania…., or was that all of Africa. In any case, during our several drives Peter pointed out and named several. I’ve picked three […]

Kopjes on the Serengeti Plains

                 One of the interesting features of the 30,000 square kilometers of the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania are the myriad kopje (pronounced “copy” or copies{pl]). I took this photo from the window of a Cessna Caravan as we were leaving on our last day of a string of kopjes that we drove by the […]

June 13

Birds of Ngorongoro and the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania, East Africa.

  I’d like to start by giving credit to Raymond Kelso and Diane Foucher of the Pleistocene Society and all the staff of Tembo Adventure and Safari, Ltd., for the enormous amount of work they put into a great photo safari in Tanzania, Africa. Lions, Zebra, Wildebeest, Gazelles, Landscapes, Flowers, Cheetahs, Dung-Beetles, and Birds are just some of […]


On February 11, 2018, I captured the basic images (a sequence of 15) of Sunspot #AR2699 for this composite. Mounted on a Manfrotto tripod the equipment included a Canon EOS 60D using 400mm, ND1600 filter, ISO-100, f25, 1/160sec.  I used RegiStax6 to stack 11 images, then enhanced the result with Photoshop CC to produce the inset. Sunspot […]

October 31

On the Range

While I was cleaning two guns after shooting a box of ammo through each a few days ago, I remembered competition shooting in San Diego. I was stationed at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in 1957-58. I volunteered for and qualified as a member of the MCRD Pistol Team. As long as I did my […]

October 13

Volcano National Park

    September 2017     Along with my son Geoff Wilson and granddaughter Erika Larsen I went for a helicopter ride over the Volcano National Park on the Big Island -Hawai’i. We went with the doors removed from the helicopter so we could have unrestricted views with our cameras. Our flight left Hilo International […]

May 25

Pixelated Picture Problems

A while back I decided to join the growing ranks of TV cable-cutters, or in my case satellite dish removers. Before I pulled the plug, I did some fiddling around with makeshift, jury-rigged antennas to discover that indeed I could receive HDTV OTA (Over The Air). In keeping with the ancient adage that “There ain’t […]