This ‘n That……………a trip to Short Canyon

[I found some of this stuff in the “Draft Box.” I can’t tell whether it was ever posted. If it was…. well, read it again anyway.]

We had sort of a family gathering here back in March. Seems like it was spring break.  My Utah daughter, DeAnne, called and asked me if she and my granddaughter Jessica could spend a few spring break days in Ridgecrest with me. I thought it was a great idea and she said they’d be arriving on a Wednesday.

Next came the idea that her step-son Paul would show up on Thursday with Kelly and their brand new baby Kaiya from Oceanside. Another great idea.

Colleen, my Los Alamitos daughter, joined in the gathering on Friday bringing my youngest grandson Owen. Seems like dad and the other two boys (John and Ian) were scheduled for some scouting activities and she and Owen had nothing else to do for the weekend so they might as well come out to the desert.

Then, Monday or Tuesday before, Dee asked if Tiana (oldest grandaughter of mine) could tag along since her spring break didn’t coincide with her significant other’s and she had nothing to do for the week. And, oh by the way, Ron (my son-inlaw) figured he might as well take a few days off and come along on Wednesday.

Chef Geoff, my youngest son, wasn’t going to be able to show up — his job in Colorado interfered. More about him in another post. The oldest son, Phillip, just happened to be in town for one day on Thursday for business. So the bunch of us ganged up at Texas Cattle Company for lunch that day.

The next day, or maybe the day after that the mob of us headed up into Short Canyon to see if we could find any wild flowers.

It has always amazed me how these seeds can lie dormant through 110+ degrees in the late summer, then into the teens during the winter, and come along spring to sprinkle a little rain on them and POOF! out they come again.


lorez PICT0102








I hiked up to the top of the first hump and watched as the rest of the crowd headed down the other side of the trail.



 The view from there is great. In the picture below, Death Valley is just over that last hump of mountain in the distance. Just outside the canyon, in the front, is the northern environs of the community of Inyokern. In the haze on the far side of the valley is the Naval Air Warfare Center, China Lake.


There’s a ton more pictures from the rest of the crowd. Some of the picnic we had at the trailhead parking lot. The rest of the family has those.