This ‘n That……………………….Geoff’s visit

On his way from Colorado to Alaska, Geoff stopped by for a couple of weeks.

Chef that he is, he took over 95% of the cooking chores. Most of which involved charcoal grilling. I’d guess we went through at least 40 pounds of charcoal, and several bags of hickory and apple wood chips. I love that apple wood. I think the other 5% was eating out. I picked up a few more tips to use in the kitchen — and on the grill.

Geoff did smoke/roast some jalapeño pepper for a homemade chipotle powder. Powerful stuff. He/we used it in a couple or few recipes. I’m about out of Smokin’ Chipotle BBQ Sauce. I’m thinking about making up some more chipotle for that. And maybe a batch of Smokin’ Chipotle Meat Rub ala The Mojave Kitchen.

Mostly, we just kicked back and visited. Phil made a business trip over from Pt. Mugu and the three of us had lunch together a couple of times.

All too soon, it was time for him to stuff his car full for the trip north.

I’ll be headed up that way at the end of July. Barb and Al (Burch) will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary in August on Kodiak. I plan on going up a week early to spend some time with Geoff at Cooper Landing and the Kenai Pricess Lodge and visiting with the family.

Too bad the airlines are charging so much for extra baggage. When the Grams and I were there last time, we brought back 200 lbs of salmon and halibut. Oh well, I’ll do “catch and release” if I get a chance to go fishing this trip.

Love all,