This ‘n That…………………Alaska #1

     Tom and Mary (Klippel) met me at the Anchorage Airport back on July 30 for the first stop in my soujorn here and there in America’s Last Frontier. The flight up via Alaska Airlines was… well a flight up. A few hours of boring through the skies in a big aluminum tube. I’m semi-ambivalent about flying. It beats driving for a week or more, but I’d rather do a train.

     We made our way to Eagle River via a stop at a delightful restaurant named Sea Galley. Great menu, great service, nice ambience.

     Friday, Tom and Mary’s house was filled with Klippel’s, nee Klippels, and Dennison’s. Dutch (AKA Tom) grilled a mess of New York strip steaks to go along with Mary’s delicious potato salad and peas I helped pick from their garden that morning.

     Mostly it was a time for kicking back and doing lots of visiting. Good thing because the first two days of the next leg of the trip would be a test for these old bones.

More to follow………….., Love all from the GOG