This ‘n That…………………….Bittersweet Day

     I’m writing this from a Best Western room in Santee, north and west of Lakeside.

     The memorial for Uncle Don was at their house on what used to be the dairy on El Monte Road. The patio to the ?? north overlooks the river bed. As usual, dozens of folks were there — most of whom I didn’t know, lots that recognized me, and some I did remember. Aunt Lucille and I shared a few tears on each other’s shoulder. Jinx was the stalwart one.

     Reverend Elmer Dean Jenkins officiated. He read some bible passages led a few prayers and offered personal comments. Afterwards, I had a chance to corner him and remind him that he performed a marriage 51 years, eight months and two days ago for two young kids. When I mentioned Florence Klippel, he remembered! Well, he remembered her….

     One of Uncle Don’s nephews read a short biography, another a bible passage.

     Following the memorial there was lots of food along with yummy sweets. I sort of dove off the wagon today. It’ll probably take a week or two of 1200 calorie days to recover. I didn’t exactly binge, but…..

    Lonnie (as in Reba and Lonnie) showed a DVD biography showing old 16mm movie clips and still photos of Unlce Don. I’m going to ask him for a copy. I didn’t get to see it from start to finish. Too many interuptions and distractions.

     It was a Bittersweet Day….  Vaya con Dios, Uncle Don….  Say hello to my Sweetie Pie…..