This ‘n That A Funny Thing Happened…..

….when I went to Santa Monica on Wednesday, January 20.

I went to a dermatologist specialist to have her look at some mysterious spots on my nose and she did surgery on my eye.

Actually, while surgery is probably a correct word it is somewhat overstating the procedure. For gosh knows how long, I’ve had this little bump on the inside corner of my right eye’s lower lid. Maybe you’ve noticed it – the doctor did anyway. She said the odds were super high that it was a hydrocystoma and super low that it was basal cell cancer and that only a biopsy would tell. I said do the biopsy. She said okay. Ten minutes later she dabbed some grease on the place where the whatever it was, was. Now I have this little scabby spot that I dab some Aquaphor on now and then. The thingy is off to the lab for pathology. Maybe in a week or so I’ll get the answer back.

As for the nose, she said there were some little spots that may or may not be basal cell cancer. She gave me the option of her doing one or more punch biopsy plugs or let it ride until it develops another eruption like what made me look for a doctor in the first place. I decided to let it ride. She took some pictures for a baseline and will email one to me for periodic comparison.

The drive to Santa Monica during the third of a series of storms was unpleasant at the least. A couple of times the visibility dropped to 20 yards or so and that was with the windshield wipers going full blast. What should have been 2-1/2 hours took closer to four going down. Just before I started the drive home the highway patrol closed Interstate-5 because of the snow. All that hundreds, thousands of cars were diverted onto to Hwy 14, my route home. After about 90 minutes of 2-1/2 MPH bumper-to- bumper, stop-and-go madness, I dropped off the freeway at a Denny’s and had a leisurely dinner with a book in one hand and fork in the other. Sometime during my repast, CHP opened the highway and traffic was moving much better. I started for home around 4:00 and got here about 9:30 with time out at Denny’s for maybe an hour.

It has rained every day of the last three here in Ridgecrest. Not the kind of drencher (toad strangler) they’ve had near the coast – just a steady nice soaking. I suspect the wildflowers will be fantastic this coming spring.

Love to all,