This ‘n That…………………………Just stuff

     The lab report came back for that thingy in my nose. The doc said it was, as she suspected, totally benign — a hydrocystoma.

My cooking thermometer(s) found their way back from St. George, Utah, where I’d abandoned them back during the Christmas holidays. Thanks, De. They got back just in time for Geoff to use them on the charcoal grilled, applewood smoked meatloaf he made. Main ingredients were ground beef and chorizo. You’ll have to nag him about the rest of the recipe.

If the exceptionally nice weather we’ve been having holds up, I’m planning on flying over to Furnace Creek (Death Valley) for lunch next week. It’s only about an hour over, depending on the winds, and the same back. That will be the first cross-country flight I’ve made in a long while. Too many distractions.

I’m thinking about a couple other destinations: Reno, St. George, Texas, Florida, Alaska…. Gas tanks aren’t big enough for Hawaii.

Later…………. the GOG