A Walk in a Park

The Cascades at Joaquin Miller Park

The Cascades at Joaquin Miller Park

Sometime back I ventured up to Oakland, California, for an event at Joaquin Miller Park. The “friends” of the park staged the event to more or less formalize their organization and to just have a nice day. The California Writers Club, of which I am the current president, is one of the “friends.” 

During the day, docent members of the Friends of Joaquin Miller Park gave tours and presented highlights of the many historical aspects of the park.

Joaquin Miller had significant influence on California Writers Club members and, in return, the California Writers Club  played a significant part in the development of the park after Miller died in 1913.

The web has plenty of information about Miller and his poetic prowess. As for the California Writers Club, you can find us at www.calwriters.org.

The picture, oh by the way, is of the Cascades at Joaquin Miller Park looking up at the Westminster Ampitheater that the CWC was instrumental in building.