This ‘n That…. Going to the Bees!

          I went out to my work shop/shed this morning to get some tools and discovered some kind of oozy guck on the floor that looked like:

 In the dark corner I couldn’t identify the mob of critters around it. Thinking they might be roaches, I grabbed the Raid(tm) and gave them a squirt. As soon as they started flying I regretted being so quick on the draw. I didn’t get stung, but I was surrounded by a lot of bees!

Checking outside on the other side of the wall I found a fair size congregation of critters. I got close enought to get a couple photos and then retired to a safe distance.

This was about 8:15 and I suspect the bees were gathering for their morning foraging.

In the close up, you can see they were coming and going through a hole in the paneling. Altogether there are three holes. I don’t remember leaving them when Geoff and I sheathed the outside of the shed. I would, however, think it would be extraordinary for the bees to have chewed their way in. Why would they?

          I called around here and there and the editor of the local rag that carries me on the masthead tipped me off to a guy who is doing bee research here is the desert.  Dave J. came over this afternoon and took a look and we laid out a plan that he will try and trap the bees in a ?? behive?? Some sort of box. While we were observing the critters, we apparently got too close for their comfort. Dave didn’t get nailed, but I did. One bee stung me on my neck. I’ve been stung before so anaphylaxis wasn’t a concern.

          I hope the idea of trapping them works. I’m not threatened by the bees, but I’m not real comfortable with them flying around inside the shed. The last thing I want to do is call an exterminator. Meanwhile, the bees and I will coexist for a week or so.

Stay safe,

the GOG