On the Cruise… The Garden Island – Kauai [and near disaster]

             Geoff and I had agreed weeks ago that we would do at least one snorkel trip. In figuring out when and where I got the communications messed up. I thought we’d agreed to rent gear so I left my fins and booties home and brought only my prescription lens mask and snorkel while Geoff brought his whole kit.

            No big deal. After a short shuttle ride to pick up the rental car it was off to Wal-Mart for me to buy a set of fins and booties.

            At Geoff’s suggestion our first junket was to visit Waimea Canyon. Then we could head back to the ship to wash off the salt and sand.

            Mark Twain once described Waimea as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. After seeing it from several scenic overlooks, I certainly won’t argue with the Twain’s description.

            The canyon stretches more than 17 miles from the Pacific Coast climbing to an altitude over 4,000 feet from sea level. I say more than because that’s as far up as we drove that day.

            Down in the canyon we could see several of some sort of bird soaring in the updrafts. They were white with swept back wings resembling a jet fighter and had bifurcated tails. They never came high enough to get a decent picture of them.

            Here follows a series of pictures.

            After stopping off for lunch we headed for Poipo Beach Park. We wandered around a bit because my Tom-Tom GPS didn’t list it as a point-of-interest even though it is touted several places on the Internet as an ideal snorkeling location. Persistence paid off, though, and we found it finally.

            When we parked the car to gear up for the water was when I discovered I had left my mask and snorkel back on the ship. I felt really stupid then. Geoff shrugged it off and we headed back to the ship with dry bathing suits. I on the other hand felt really, really stupid. Especially after we wasted time by going out of the way for me to buy a set of swim fins. Not to mention I had ruined our only opportunity to do any diving while in the islands.

            If it hadn’t been for the gorgeous views at Waimea Canyon, the day would have been a total disaster.