South Africa Adventure—-Traveling

I confess, I am not nor ever have been a good long-distance airline traveler, or a car for that matter. (I joke that the only time I can sleep in a car is when I’m driving!) I can’t sleep in those environments. Fear is not a factor — I am, after all, a licensed pilot. Maybe it’s the constant noise — but then without my hearing aids I am nearly profoundly deaf. Vibrations, so I’ve been told, should lull me into slumber; doesn’t work for me.

I thought maybe it was because I’ve never been able to sleep sitting up for more than fifteen seconds whilst watching TV. Well, my Virgin Atlantic Upper Class seat was reconfigured into a bed for the trip from Las Vegas to London. I might have fitfully dozed on and off for a couple hours of the six+ I spent pillowed and covered.

Hmmmm, hypnosis? Acupuncture? Let’s not go into booze and drugs. I tried Ambien and I’m not going to drink myself into oblivion. I’m just not a good long-haul traveler.

Maybe exhaustion is the answer. As I write this, I’m depriving myself of the opportunity for a sofa-nap in the VA first-class lounge. Five hours from now we start the last leg of the trip, ten hours to South Africa. If it works, the stunt will  also reset my circadian clock.

Maybe some pix for the next post.