Camera Carelessness — Those Pesky Little Compartment Doors

Some time back I was wandering through E-Bay thinking about replacing a Point & Shoot pocket camera stolen from me in a burglary. For one particular model I came across a bunch of listings for cameras with a notation that the camera works fine, but the hatch(door) for the battery compartment was broken off but could still be snapped in place. Another area had a plethora of replacement hatches(doors) for that camera’s battery compartment.

I have that exact model of camera and it’s easy for me to see that if the hatch is left open and the camera unattended the hatch can easily be broken off. The plastic is thin and the attachments not designed for careless handling. I’ve never broken one off, maybe because I’m careful to always close the hatch. Well, maybe not always… I was prompted a few minutes ago to write this article when I discovered I carelessly left one open on my Canon 60D.