Ring-Ring Almost Cancelled My Copper Wire Telephone Service

Because I’ve more or less quit using my landline phone and gone more or less exclusively to my cellular gizmo, I decided to abandon the copper connection to the world and have my ‘hanging on the wall’ instrument disconnected. No easy decision that. The number in the telephone directory hasn’t changed in 45 years although my addresses have.

I called up Verizon today and started the process. I explained to the Verizon rep that I had to maintain the copper connection to the house because that carry’s my DSL high (so-called) speed Internet connection. Cutting off the telephone and maintaining Internet was going to cost me $53/mo, a $23 jump in DSL price but still about $30/mo cheaper over all. “But wait,” she said. “If we change this to a ‘Double Play Bundle’ you can keep the telephone with call-waiting and caller-ID for $50/mo and we’ll bump your Internet connection up one speed level.”

“OoooooKaaaaay,” I drawled. “What’s the catch? Why didn’t I already have the Double Play Bundle?”

“We only started it three years ago, and you never asked for it…”

I guess the moral to the story is: Now and then we need to see what’s changed.