Noble Model 60G, 12Ga., Bolt Assembly

Noble Model 60G, 12Ga., Pump Shotgun

Bolt Installation

By Casey Wilson

More than just a couple decades ago, I picked up a Noble Model 60G for the purpose of giving my kids (2 boys, 2 girls) an opportunity to learn gun safety and maybe have a little fun along the way. It’s not a classic, but it was inexpensive and functioned well.

First, I had to whack a few inches off the stock so the youngest could shoulder the gun. The home nest here in the Mojave Desert has long since been empty but I’ll bet they still remember this gun. I’ve since added the length back to the stock and taken the gun into the field. Some weeks ago I put the gun up on the bench to strip it down and give it a good cleaning once-over.

The fun, read that frustration, came in putting it back together. After fiddling a while I spent another frustrating hour surfing the ‘net for assembly instructions. Lots of whole pics and some exploded (no pun intended) drawings but no instructions. I tossed a cloth over the bench and sent out some email queries that didn’t return any help.

Back on the bench, I spent another couple hours and figured out how to put the gun back together. In the spirit of something or another, I’ll share the technique I learned.

Review the parts nomenclature in Figure 1.

Noble Model 60G Fig 1

Step One         Identify the rearmost semi-circle cutout in the receiver frame, Figure 2.

Noble Model 60G Fig 2

Step Two         Position the bolt assembly by sliding it forward in the extractor grooves until the rear of the bolt is under the rearmost semi-circlular cut-out, Figure 3.

Noble Model 60G Fig 3

Step Three       Slide bolt operating bar fully to the rear of the receiver frame and put the bolt slide into position, Figure 4. Then move the operating bar forward until the cam lug just contacts the rear of the bolt.

Noble Model 60G Fig 4

Step Four        Lever the bolt up with a screwdriver until the hole in the rear of the bolt aligns with the cam lug on the bolt slide, Figure 5.

Noble Model 60G Fig 5

Step Five         Slide the operating bar forward to capture the bolt with the cam lug, Figure 6. Cycle the action several time to make sure the mechanisms work smoothly.

Noble Model 60G Fig 6


Make sure the bolt assembly will go into the “Full Battery” position BEFORE loading the gun.