Anacapa Island and a “Giant Kelpfish”

My dive buddy, Phil Wilson, snapped this picture of a “Giant Kelpfish” I spotted on September 19, 2015, while we were diving off Anacapa Island. The fish was shy and we saw it for less than a minute, if that long. Time for only the one picture. I’m guessing this one measured about twelve inches, and was very narrow. Sort of like eel shaped.Yellow Kelpfish (Phil's pic)

This SCUBA dive was in a thin kelp forest near Keyhole Rock (N34.00667° W119.39984°). Anacapa, a wildlfe preserve, is one of the eight islands comprising California’s Channel Islands and one of the five included in the Channel Islands National Park.

Phil and I have dived various sites around the Channel Islands. But this was my first return in four years. According to him the warm waters are part of the reason the kelp forests around the islands are thinning out considerably. On this dive the water temperature forty feet down was seventy degrees, about ten degrees above average for the time of the year. The 7-mm wetsuit I was wearing was much too heavy and caused me to have some problems with dehydration leg cramps. Lesson learned.