Gym Notes #1

Up until three weeks ago I’ve been pretty steady going to the gym for a few months. Three weeks ago, I forewent the gym to do work on rehabbing a bathroom that had gone in serious decline.

This week I did four days to get back in the swing of exercising. I’m not a fitness fanatic by any stretch of the imagination. My workouts are to increase my overall strength and stamina and if that includes building some muscles along the way, I’m fine with that. I’m not planning on wearing tank tops to wow the chicks with flexing my biceps, bouncing my pecs, and rippling my six-pack. I doubt I’ll ever boast a six-pack, anyway.

For me, a day at the gym starts with a mild cardio warm up on a recumbent bike, just enough to breathe heavier for ten minutes and break into a “glow.” Then, I go through a routine designed for upper body one day and lower on the next.

When I started back this week, I cut back a bit on the intensity of the exercises for the first couple days, that was Monday and Tuesday. Then, yesterday and today, I tried going back to the work effort I’d been doing before my layoff. I am amazed how deficient I’d become. I was unable to reach the same levels for probably half the exercises… after just two weeks of down time, and the other half of my routines were significant struggles.

I’m guessing I’ll be making friends with some Ibuprofen this evening.