Gearing up and Going Diving

My SCUBA adventure to Akumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico with my sons Phillip and Geoffrey and Phil’s wife and daughter was a great trip. An unfortunate stumble walking up an incline in soft sand caused me to torque my left knee and ankle and I decided (wisely) to stay dry for the last day of diving. I took the opportunity of the day off to capture some images of the routine for “Gearing up and Going Diving” at the Akumal Dive Center.

It all starts with lugging the equipment to a mostly shady area with benches specifically designed for SCUBA divers to prep their gear. Geoff (in the red shorts) and Phil have started the process while Mario, the dive master, is bringing over a weight belt.


This was a different experience for us. Usually we haul the BC (buoyancy compensator) vests, weights, regulator, mask, snorkel, boots, and fins down a dock and stash them on the dive boat. These benches made a convenient work area to do the setup.img_0071




In addition to the dive gear, cameras get attention. Phil has posted many underwater photos on Facebook taken with his Canon G-16 being checked out here. Geoff’s main camera rig was a stereoscopic pair of GoPros in an underwater housing. He posted a really great 3-D video on Facebook that includes Zip-lining and cenote diving, as well as encounters with turtles, coral, and lots of pelagic fish.


The convenience of setting up at the benches is paid for by the trek down to the boat. First step, load up.img_0079

Then, take a hike.


All of the dive boats here in Akumal were ‘pangas’ like this one; some larger, some smaller. img_0095

 After all the gear is stowed on board, it’s time to pull in the anchor (actually untie the mooring buoy) and head for the reef.img_0100